Qualities of Professional Ceeaning Services

The primary note where commercial cleaning services differ from residential cleaning services is that while one company works in office and work environments and various commercial properties, the other works in private homes. You will notice that most of the cleaning services focus on wiping the window panes, removing any stray debris, and getting the homes ready for occupants.

CleaningFeatures of Commercial Pro Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning professionals usually come to clean at such a time when the business has been closed to the public so that there is no unnecessary loss of sales and customers face no inconvenience. They carefully sweep all the floors that have ceramic, linoleum, wood, tile and marble. Carpeted sections are thoroughly vacuumed by them and they also take the time to replace any air freshener cartridges throughout the building. Commercial pro cleaning services make it a point to clean and scrub every single bathroom present in the building.

Entrance doors and all glass doors present in the interior are carefully cleaned and all the trash receptacles are emptied. The professional cleaners mop all the floors that have coverings of different materials. Break rooms are carefully cleaned and office furniture such as file cabinets, desks, and venetian blinds, are neatly dusted and arranged. They clean the ceiling fans and may replace the filters in the air conditioners. Carpets may be shampooed if needed and the tile floors are polished as per your discretion.

Residential Pro Cleaning Service Highlights

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Professional cleaners exercise high caution when washing dishes and loading the dishwasher. Clothes are washed thoroughly and they even take care to sweep and mop all your floors that do not have carpets. They neatly lay out your beds and ensure that the sheets and pillows are clean and dusted. The cleaners change the sheets if necessary and water all your plants on your behalf.

They dust all the book cases, end tables, and wooden furniture. Ceiling fans are cleaned and they keep them dust-free. They neatly scrub your bathrooms including your tub and your shower, and clean all the mirrors in your home. They take care to hang up all your clothing and pick up any clutter present in your rooms. Refrigerators and kitchen counters are carefully cleaned.

Both the residential pro and commercial pro cleaning services may do the same jobs but the commercial services tend to have varied services since the nature of each business differs considerably.

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