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janitorial cleaning service fredericksburgVA Pro Cleaning is a leading commercial janitorial service provider in and around Northern Virginia and Washington. We have a crew of top notch cleaning professionals who provide a complete range of services including carpet cleaning, floor care, window cleaning, pressure washing, graffiti removal and building wash services.

We stand above competition in terms of a professional approach and commitment to quality. Our cleaning staffs are trained to remain customer focused and offer incredibly high quality service based on exact customer needs.

Our commercial janitorial services are geared towards offering our clients exceptional quality, consistent performance, lasting value and competitive pricing. Our strength lies in our experienced and expert cleaning professionals who work round the clock to help maintain commercial premises.

In keeping with emerging trends in the cleaning industry, we have equipped our utility crew with high quality, high performance equipment that works on latest technology. As a part of our quality janitorial services, we ensure proper treatment and maintenance of floor surfaces. One of the reasons why the largest corporate prefer our services is that we offer multi-diverse and multi-range service capabilities and skills in the realm of commercial janitorial services.  Our nightly cleaning services ensure that your commercial space remains fresh and ready to use every single morning. This in turn creates a pleasant and professional environment.

Our team of cleaning professionals offering day-cleaning services will ensure that your restrooms, conference rooms, entrances and lobbies always look spic and span. Our high quality commercial janitorial services also include blinds and high dusting, window cleaning, periodic floor care programs and carpet cleaning, nightly cleaning services, construction clean-up, sweeping services, parking garage maintenance, day-porter cleaning services, water extraction services, emergency clean-up, restorative cleaning and preparation for special events.

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