Power Waxing

Power Waxing Helps Keep Your Floor Sparkling

Power Waxing VAProCleaningVA Pro Cleaning is one of the best companies offering power waxing and cleaning services. Dust and debris leave smooth and shiny floors dull and lifeless. Floors can get damaged, nicked or scratched if not cleaned and waxed on a regular basis.

Even if you residential or commercial hardwood or vinyl floor experiences heavy traffic, our professional cleaners will wax and clean to maintain their appearance and shine. In the long term, you can save money and increase the longevity of your floor by handing over its maintenance to us. Our high quality power waxing service extends to all types of floor surfaces. Common types of floors our professionals can wax and clean include hardwood, ceramic, marble, tile, vinyl, terra cotta and slate.

Our waxing professionals are well-trained in their jobs. We carefully choose our employees based on their experience and capabilities. Our skilled workers are highly proficient in maintaining floors and keeping them waxed and shining.

In keeping with our commitment to honesty, sincerity, dedication and efficiency, we offer commercial and residential customers professional floor cleaning and power waxing services. Our cleaners go about the process meticulously starting with removing dust, dirt and debris around the base boards. They handle your valuable furniture very carefully removing them from the room prior to cleaning. If we are waxing in commercial office buildings, we put up all necessary Wet Floor signs to maximize safety.

Any old sealer on the floor is carefully removed using an auto-scrubber and abrasive pad. Before power waxing process commences, our cleaners will first use a mop the floor soaking up excess water and stripping solution.

If you are looking for the best power waxing services in Northern Virginia or Washington, we are here to do the job for you.

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