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Commercial Cleaning VAProCleaningIf you operate a business in Northern Virginia or surrounding areas or in Washington, we are here to help you keep your business premises clean and spotless. In the cleaning industry, we are one of the best commercial cleaning services known for our high quality performance.

We are recognized for our dedication to quality, our professionalism and exceptional customer service. Each of our cleaning commercial cleaning professionals is well experienced and trained in their jobs. They understand what cleaning is all about and always strive to exceed customer expectations. Honesty, integrity and dedication are qualities we have imbibed in each of our employees, which is why we are able to perform optimally at all times.

At VA Pro Cleaning, we choose our employees after careful screening. Each of our commercial cleaning staff has over 5 years of experience. Having worked in large companies, they are adept at doing their jobs with perfection

For any business, impressing customers is the top priority and is the only way to retain them. The best way to do this is to maintain a clean environment which automatically reflects their commitment to quality and perfection. Using the latest equipment, we effortlessly clean your windows, doors and walls. We make sure that your surroundings are perfectly clean and tidy.

Customers love to do business in a clean environment. At VA Pro Cleaning, we realize this and help clients build a healthy and safe environment. Our professionals will first conduct a thorough inspection and disinfect and sanitize workstations and areas that are frequently used. We have the highest quality cleaning solutions for light switches, door knobs, desks, computers and telephones.

Why Professional-Level Cleaning Is Important

Businesses know that the cleanliness of their building is a reflection of their own commitment to quality and professionalism. Our success depends on making sure your workplaces are clean and healthy environments. Our daily cleaning program includes sanitizing and disinfecting a facility’s frequently used areas and workstations.

Germs Spread Most On The Most Common Touch-Points

Contagious influenza (the flu) and the common cold virus, is spread through contact with other infected people. Common touch-points like desks, doorknobs, light switches, telephones and computers often get overlooked. Germs can spread easily through shared contact on these surfaces.

Professional janitors know that these need just as much attention as the surfaces in the restrooms.

Consider this for a moment: 95% of people DO NOT wash their hands properly enough to kill off those germs! After using the bathroom, many of those germs are transferred elsewhere – anywhere they touch.

Improper Cleaning Technique Is A Financial Issue, Too

Controlling outbreaks of sickness is more than a health issue, it is also a financial one. Employee sickness results in absenteeism, decreased productivity and increased health care expenses. All of which could be mitigated through proper cleaning protocols.

Our cleaners are trained to proactively identify these concerns and are armed with the proper knowledge and skills.

VA Pro Cleaning serves Northern Virginia as well as Fredericksburg, Arlington, Richmond, Warrenton, Fairfax, Alexandria, Prince William County, Stafford County and Spotsylvania County.

We specialize in a variety of office cleaning services such as:

  • cleaning, sanitizing, vacuuming, and dusting offices for businesses, US Government offices, doctor offices, lawyer offices, schools, churches, restaurants, and so much more
  • cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
  • emptying all garbage cans and replacing garbage bags
  • sweeping, mopping, and waxing floors
  • cleaning windows for small and large offices
  • office power washing
  • office organization
  • carpet cleaning
  • and any other kind of office cleaning that you need

Additional services are available upon request.

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